License to Muse

Writing Essays:

Essays are a total mind-f. I cannot tell you how many podcasts, blog postings and clearadmit wiki’s I’ve watched, listened to and read. I’ve absolutely torn apart so many essays and have not turned in one application that I’m fearing I won’t get it done. What I find most challenging is not coming up with the stories but structuring them in a way that’s exciting and business-like. I’m not some boring dude in a navy suit and red-tie, I’m also not Stephen King and can’t write so that the reader will be on the edge of his/her chair. So what do I do? Keep it vanilla, yet understandable or be creative and challenge the reader to think outside the box?

This is the point where I wish I would have joined Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) because I know they do a great job preparing students for issues like these. In any event, it’s too late to look back now. Hoping to have a breakthrough soon.

P.S. Part One of Kellogg Application Submitted!


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