When people trample on your dreams

First of all I want to say I’m super lucky to have a family and a girlfriend that are extra supportive of my decision to go back to school. Incidentally my girlfriend is applying to get her MPH and get out of the insurance industry to pursue her dream of helping women in developing countries with safe birthing. I kind of find it funny and cute because she’s a Norwegian from Minnesota who speaks fluent Spanish but has grown up in a pretty middle class American family. I think she’s brave for walking away from a great job in spite of her family and doing what she loves.

Now onto the trampling on the dreams part… As I said in my first post I’m an entrepreneur at heart and in practice. Fortunately though I do have a day job, that while doesn’t pay me well is extremely rewarding and is giving me invaluable experience and credentials in education design. A few days ago I approached my supervisor, who like myself is African-American and told him that I was planning on moving on to pursue a full-time MBA. He hit the ceiling. Long story short, I work for a major research University in the midwest that would pay 75% of my tuition if I enrolled as a part-time MBA student. There are many reasons why I won’t do this but what was sad is that my boss basically told me I was stupid NOT to take that option. He also questioned if I was ‘smart’ enough to get into the schools I want to apply to… needless to say I was (and still am furious).

He obviously feels betrayed, which I can’t understand because the things I’m working on have made him look great for the past three years to his boss. He also said he is writing me a recommendation to one, yes only one school. Seriously considering not having him write anything and just going to my indirect boss (who I work with more anyway) and asking him.

What I find saddest about this whole situation is that this is a prime example of a black man holding down another black man. So sad that in 2011 we can’t lift each other up in anyway possible to make it better for those around us. Please don’t ever let me become this type of person. I’m soldiering on.

2 Responses to “When people trample on your dreams”
  1. mbalady says:

    Very interesting.. First off I applaud your girlfriend! I am also leaving my job in an insurance company to help people entrepreneurs in developing countries get their businesses to be scalable and sustainable. Kudos to anyone who is willing to take risks to do what they are passionate about, especially when that passion is toward helping other people.

    I am glad you didnt let the discouragement deter you. Your Kellogg admit (and I am sure more to come) is a testament to the fact that you made the right decison.

    (mbalady from GMATClub)

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