Judgement Day

I woke up this morning harkening my inner Terminator 2. Breakfast included yogurt with fruit and granola followed by a multivitamin, OJ and a banana. About five minutes in after chewing the same piece of banana for 45 seconds I swallowed, then immediately got up and lurched forward almost letting it all up in one huge waterfall of ugliness… thankfully I held it down, pulled it together and got into my car. The testing center was about ten minutes away from my apartment and I made sure to follow instructions and get there plenty early. Pulled into the parking lot, went to my little friend Mr. 5 hour energy (shamefully) and timidly limped into the testing center.

Looking around the expression of nervousness and trepidation washed over the faces of other anxious test takers (including myself). When the gentleman called my name I went through the double secret CIA procedures they demand you go through in order to take the GMAT. I walked into the room and said, “This is it.”

The exam was such a blur that I don’t even remember which section came first. All I remember was feeling like I was teetering the line between being ‘in the zone’ and ‘checking the box’. When it came time to press the final button my palms were damper than a wash cloth. I clicked the button, reared back and COULD NOT BELIEVE my eyes. 700.

God had answered my prayers. I thought to myself it was a fluke, but I knew in my heart that I had dedicated some serious time and sacrificed basically my entire summer to prepare for this moment. I was happy, and no I would not be taking it again even though most people recommend that you should. I would rather focus on essays and research at this point, and quite frankly with work coming into the busy season there is no way I could handle going at it again.

So there you have it folks, from 500s to 700s. It. Can. Be. Done.


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